old questions

by selva

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released November 6, 2013



all rights reserved


selva Mafra, Brazil


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Track Name: place
I found my place
Away from the city
Just looking from afar
Don't take me out of here
The sun is setting
and I don't have protection, im nothing
Maybe that's the problem
I'm already used to it
I need this mess
I need chaos
I'm trapped inside myself
I need to come back
the decision of staying here
or following the sun never belonged to me
and tomorrow starts
all over again, a cycle
doesn't need to have a job to know it sucks
I receive only the consequences of my acts
I don't act for myself
Neither for my decisions
I have no power at all
everything's already bought
And when the sun returns
it seems like he calls me
one more day, one more chance, old questions
I can't give myself for something that is not for me
Track Name: not ready
Where am I?
What is this?
What am I doing?
...and with who?
Whats is right or wrong?
What am I?
What are the places I have to go?
who should I relate to?
What are my fears? ...and what are my dreams?
There is something beyond my bones? Life.
I no longer know the difference between lie and truth
Im not ready to live!
I'll never be!
''Compromises, time, money, cars, planes,
Trees, ocean, coffe, college, hurricane... ''
Im not ready for life and it's lessons
Im not ready to live...
Track Name: abyss
It’s not simple
It’s not even a little simple
There is an abyss between me and my borders with the real world
And It’s not easy to lie every day saying that everything is fine
When my desire is to send all this to hell,
and try to find myself.
But I’m in the middle of the abyss
It's impossible to someone hear me.
As much louder I scream.
And I feel alone, even though so many people are around me
Track Name: bridge
Maybe I have
found my way
Or I’m lost, for certain
The answers aren’t on a book,
Or have never been
I scream uncertainties
To someday the truth, echoes and come to find me.
I scream the conflict of freedom,
To someday I let this fuck’in concept of ‘’freedom’’ run away
And can walk with my own legs
Without depends from nothing, much less my ‘’freedom’’
And with my own legs,
break on through the bridge
which can eliminate my borders.