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this is about music, dreams, people... this is just about life!


released March 6, 2013



all rights reserved


selva Mafra, Brazil


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Track Name: routine
Looks like fear, but is not even like this, lately I have feeling so fuckin empty inside and nothing makes me think the opposite, I’m ruining myself with all these lies. It has a long time since anything else has made sense to me, all days before I sleep, that old question arises: ''I feel me completed?'' and always think in the same response: NO!
Our salvation can only be away from here, but man, I’m trying, I swear I’m trying but always the same people, the same frustrated dreams and the same lies… We are empty and lost my friend. Every day, the same routine.
Track Name: friendshipvsmoney
Everything passes as if it were just another night, that my old friend keep charging your fuckin money and no one else can endure him. And now I say, I hate money! It shows the worst of people and all they would not be able to do for money, they do. Pass over by all, even friends, and family, everything is wrong, I want to come back to my old times. Everything is wrong I can’t think in another way, maybe, I’m making another big mistake but I don't hesitate to love all the people who are around me, making every minute of my life worth it. We have no time to lose, we have nothing to lose. We complain that the time doesn't pass but when we realize, we’re almost dead.
Track Name: dance
They say: "do our dance, don't miss any step. Learn with your teacher, she’ll teach you how do". I think we should dance from our own way without worry about missing a step, and never hesitate to show a new movement. Worth it dance from our own way if it is to we fell free tonight. I don’t feel me free dancing like them.